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Power Tools

Makita Circular Saw 7-1/4"(185mm), 1200W, 5200rpm, 3.9kg HS7600

Makita Circular Saw 6-1/2"(165mm), 1050W, 5200rpm, 3.6kg HS6600


Makita Angle Ginder 4", 840W, 11000rpm, 1.6kg 9556NB

Makita Li-Ion Battery 7.2V 1.0Ah BL7010

Makita Battery Kit18V5.0Ah x 4pc, Multi Charger x 1pc MKP3PT184

Makita Battery Kit18V5.0Ah x 2pc, Multi Charger x 1pc MKP3PT182

Makita Finishing Sander 4"x4", 200W, 14000opm, 1.1kg BO4556

Makita Random Orbit Sander 5", 240W, 12000opm, 1.2kg M9204G


Makita Petrol Edging Trimmer 24.5CC, 0.73kW, 5.1kg ETR2500

Makita Cordless Grass Trimmer 18V, 260mm, 7800rpm, 3kg DUR181Z


Makita Metal Shear 1.3mm, 570W, 2500spm, 1.7kg JS1300

Makita Metal Shear 1.6mm, 380W, 4500spm, 1.4kg JS1601


Bosch Angle Grinder 9"(230mm), 6500rpm, 2000W, 5.3kg GWS20-230

Bosch Angle Grinder 7"(180mm), 8500rpm, 2000W, 5kg GWS20-180

Bosch Angle Grinder 5", 1700W, 11500rpm, 2.4kg GWS17-125CI

Bosch Angle Grinder 5", 1300W, 11500rpm, 2.3kg GWS13-125CI

Bosch Belt Sander 3"x5", 710W, 300m/min, 3.2kg GBS75A


Bosch Bench Grinder 8"(200mm), 3600rpm, 600W, 17kg GBG60-20

Bosch Bench Grinder 6"(150mm), 3000rpm, 350W, 10kg GBG35-15


Bosch Car Polisher 180mm, 1250W, 0-3000rpm, 2.5kg GPO12CE


Bosch Circular Saw 9"(235mm), 2050W, 5300rpm, 7.6kg GKS235 Turbo

Bosch Circular Saw 6"(165mm), 1200W, 4900rpm, 3.4kg GKS66X

Bosch Circular Saw 7"(190mm), 1400W, 5500rpm, 4.1kg GKS190

Bosch Circular Saw 6"(165mm), 1200W, 5000rpm, 1.6kg GKS600

Bosch Cordless Sabre Saw 2500spm, 18V, 3.5kg GSA18V-32 Solo

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer 28mm,940rpm,18V,5kg GBH36V-Li Plus

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer 18mm 1500rpm 36V 3kg GBH36V-EC Com

Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer 26mm,890rpm,18V,4kg GBH18V-26SOLO

Bosch Demolition Hammer 2000W 29kg GSH27VC

Bosch Demolition Hammer 1750W 16kg GSH16-30

Bosch Demolition Hammer SDS MAx, 23J, 1700W, 11.4kg GSH11VC

Bosch Demolition Hammer SDS Max 11kg 1500W GSH11E

Bosch Stone Cutter 1300W, 4"(110mm), 12000rpm, 2.8kg GDM13-34

Bosch Stone Cutter 1250W, 4"(110mm), 14500rpm, 2.8kg GDM121


Bosch Die Grinder 1/4", 650W, 0-28000rpm, 1.6kg, GGS28LC

Bosch Die Grinder 1/4", 680W, 0-28000rpm, 1.5kg, GGS28C

Bosch Die Grinder 5/16", 500W, 0-33000rpm, 1.4kg GGS5000L

Bosch Die Grinder 1/4", 300W, 0-28000rpm, 1.5kg GGS3000L

Bosch Hand Dill Super Torque 1500W, 4speed, 7.3kg GBM32-4

Bosch Hand Drill High Torque 13mm 550W 550rpm 2.1kg GBM13HRE

Bosch Hand Drill 13mm, 600W, 2600rpm, 1.65kg GBM13RE

Bosch Hand Drill 10mm, 450W, 2600rpm, 1.3kg GBM10RE

Bosch Eccentric Sander 125mm, 250W, 12000rpm, 1.3kg GEX125-1AE

Bosch Eccentric Sander 125mm, 250W, 12000rpm, 1.3kg GEX125-1A


Bosch Depth Stop Screwdriver 701W, 6mm, 4500rpm, 1.4kg GSR6-45TE

Bosch Depth Stop Screwdriver 701W, 6mm, 2500rpm, 1.4kg GSR6-25TE


Bosch High Pressure Cleaner 150B 2200W 8L/m AdvancedAquatak 150

Bosch High Pressure Cleaner 140Bar 2100W 7.5L/m 19kg AQT45-14X

Bosch High Pressure Cleaner 130Bar, 1900W, 7L/m, 11.4kg AQT42-13

Bosch High Pressure 130Bar,1700W,380L/H Universal Aquatak 130

Bosch Hot Air Gun 2000W, 50-630ˇăC, 0.65kg GHG20-63KIT

Bosch Hot Air Gun 1800W, 50-600ˇăC, 0.52kg GHG18-60


Bosch Impact Drill 13mm(1/2"), 701W, 0-3000rpm, 2.2kg GSB20-2RE

Bosch Impact Drill 13mm(1/2"), 701W, 0-3000rpm, 1.9kg GSB16RE

Bosch Impact Drill 10mm(3/8"), 500W, 0-2600rpm, 1.5kg GSB10RE


BOSCH Jigsaw Speed Control, 670W, 2600spm, 2.7kg GST25M

Bosch Jigsaw Speed Control, 580W, 3100spm, 2.4kg GST80PBE

Bosch Jigsaw Speed Control, 500W, 3200spm, 2kg GST700


Bosch Laser Rangefinder With Inclinometer Function 80M GLM80

Bosch Laser Rangefinder 250meters GLM250VF

Bosch Laser Rangefinder 150meters GLM150

Bosch Laser Rangefinder 50meters GLM50C

Bosch Cut Off Machine 14", 2400W, 3800rpm, 18kg GCO14-24J

Bosch Cut Off Machine 14", 2200W, 3800rpm, 14kg GCO220


Bosch Slide Miter Saw 305mm, 1800W, 3800rpm, 32kg GCM12GDL

Bosch Mter Saw 250mm, 1700W, 4800rpm, 14kg GCM10MX

Bosch Slide Miter Saw 200mm1600W, 5500rpm, 17.3kg GCM8SJL


Bosch Multi Material Wall Scanner Depth:150mm,0.65kg D-tect150SV

Bosch Cordless Metal Detector 10.8V, 120mm Depth, D-TECT120

Model: GMS120 The most reliable multi-detector in its class. Features The most reliable multi-dete


Bosch Oscillation Tool 20000rpm, 300W, 1.5kg GOP30-28


Bosch Metal Shear 2.8mm, 500W, 1500spm, 2.7kg GSC2.8

Bosch Metal Nibbler 2.0mm, 500W, 2400spm, 2.0kg GNA2.0


Bosch Orbital Sander 92x182mm, 190W, 24000opm, 1.4kg GSS230

Bosch Orbital Sander 110x100mm, 180W, 24000opm, 1.3kg GSS1400


Bosch Blower 820W, 16000rpm, 1.8kg GBL82-270

Bosch Blower 620W, 16000rpm, 1.7kg GBL620


Bosch Stirrer/Mixer 1200W, 0-1000rpm, Ø140mm, 5.3kg GRW12E


Bosch Rotary Hammer 305rpm, 2760bpm, 1500W, 8.9kh GBH8-45DV

Bosch Rotary Hammer 305rpm, 2760bpm, 1500W, 9kg GBH8-45D

Bosch Rotary Hammer 340rpm, 3050bpm, 1150W, 6.8kg GBH5-40DCE

Bosch Rotary Hammer 340rpm, 2900bpm, 1100W, 6.8kg GBH5-40D

Bosch Sabre Saw Metal:20mm, 1100W, 2700spm, 3.6kg GSA1100E


Bosch Portable Table Saw with Stand 250mm (10") 1800Watt GTS10J


Bosch Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1100W, 15L, 6kg GAS15

Bosch Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 1100W, 15L, 6kg GAS15PS


Bosch Wood Planer 82mm, 710W, 16500rpm, 2.5kg GHO10-82

Bosch Wood Planer 82mm, 650W, 16500rpm, 2.8kg GHO6500


Bosch Variable Speed Router 1600W, Max:25000rpm, 6kg GOF1600CE

Bosch Wood Trimmer 1/4", 33000rpm, 550W, 1.4kg GKF550


Makita Angle Grinder 230mm(9"), 2000W, 6600rpm, 4.7kg GA9050

Makita Angle Grinder 180mm(7"), 2000w, 8500rpm, 4.6kg GA7050

Makita Angle Grinder 180mm(7"), 2200w, 8500rpm, 4.7kg GA7020

Makita Angle Grinder 5", SJS, 1050w, 11000rpm, 2.2kg GA5020

Makita Bench Grinder 8"(205mm), 550W, 2850rpm, 21kg GB801

Model: GB602 Comes with special sharpening wheel & holder. Features 2 bulbs ease your grinding job


Makita Car Polisher 180mm(7"), 900W, 600-2000rpm, 2kg PV7000C

Makita Polisher 180mm(7"), 1200W, 0-3200rpm, 3.4kg 9237C


Makita Miter Saw 255mm(10"), 1650W, 4600rpm, 11.6kg LS1040

Makita Miter Saw 255mm(10"), 1500W, 4200rpm, 15kg M2300G





Makita Die Grinder Paddle Switch 6mm,400W,25000rpm,1.6kg GD0600

Makita Die Grinder 6mm, 240W, 28000rpm, 0.97kg GD0603


Makita Electric Chain Saw 14", 2000W, 4.5kg UC3530A


Makita Concrete Planer 5"(125mm), 1400W, 10000rpm, 4kg PC5000C


Makita Groover for Aluminium 1300W, 6400rpm, 11mm, 5kg CA5000X


Makita Hand Drill Keyless 10mm (3/8"), 450W, 3000rpm 1.2kg 6413

Makita Hand Drill 10mm(3/8"), 450W, 3000rpm, 1.2kg 6412


Makita Impact Driver 1/4" Shank, 230W, 3600rpm, 1kg TD0101F


Makita Impact Wrench 12.7mm(1/2"), 440W, 1700rpm, 2.7kg 6905B

Makita Impact Wrench 12.7mm(1/2"), 380W, 2200rpm, 2.2kg TW0200


Makita Jig Saw 90mm, 650W, 500-3100spm, 2.4kg JV0600K

Makita Jig Saw 65mm, 450W, 500-3100rpm, 1.9kg 4327M


Makita Magnetic Drill 1150W, 650rpm, 50mm, 19kg HB500


Makita Metal Cutting Saw 305mm(12") 1750W 1300rpm 19kg LC1230

Makita Cut Off Machine 355mm(14") 2200W 3800rpm 19kg LW1401


Makita Back Pack Petrol Blower 75.6mL, 4-Stroke, 10.2kg BBX7600

Makita Back Pack Petrol Blower 52.5mL, 4-Stroke, 9kg EB5300TH


Makita Petrol Power Cutter 16", 81CC, 9350rpm, 11kg EK8100

Makita Petrol Power Cutter 14", 76CC, 9350rpm, 13kg EK7651H


Makita Electric Blower 600W, 4.1m3/min, 0-16000rpm, 1.7kg UB1103


Makita Power Mixer 165mm, 850W, 1300rpm, 3.3kg UT1305


Makita Recipro Saw 1010W, 2800spm, 3.2kg JR3050T

Makita Recipro Saw 1010W, 2800spm, 3.2kg M4501G


Makita Rotary Hammer SDSPlus 3modes 800W 1100rpm 3.2kg HR2810

Makita Rotary Hammer SDSPlus 3modes 780W 1100rpm 2.6kg HR2470


Makita Shear Wrench 1330W, M22, 18rpm, 803Nm, 5kg 6922NB

Makita Screw Driver 1/4" Shank, 570W, 2500rpm, 1.5kg FS2500


Makita Scroll Saw 50W, 1600spm, 50mm Thickness, 14.1kg SJ401


Makita Stone Cutter 4" (110mm), 1300W, 13000rpm, 3kg 4100NH

Makita Stone Cutter 4"(110mm), 1300W, 13800rpm, 3kg 4100NH3Z


Makita Stone Polisher 5"(125mm), 1400W, 6800rpm, 2.5kg PK5001C


Makita Straight Grinder 150mm(6"), 750W, 5600rpm, 5kg GS6000

Makita Straight Grinder 125mm(5"), 750W, 5600rpm, 5kg GS5000


Makita Table Saw 10", 1500W, 4300rpm, 85kg MLT100 + WST03

Makita Table Saw 10", 1500W, 4300rpm, 85kg MLT100


Makita Trimmer 6mm (1/4"), 530W, 30000rpm, 1.5kg 3709

Makita Trimmer 6mm(1/4"), 530W, 35000rpm, 1.4kg M3700G


Makita Vacuum Cleaner1050W, 2000L/min, 22kPA, 10.5kg VC2510L

Makita Vacuum Cleaner1050W, 2000L/min, 22kPA, 9.6kg VC1310LX1


Makita Wood Planer 82mm(3-1/4"), 580W, 16000rpm, 2.5kg N1900B

Makita Wood Planer 82mm(3"), 500W, 16000rpm, 2.7kg M1902G


Makita Wood Plate Jointer 100mm(4") 700W 11000rpm 3kg PJ7000


Makita Metal Bandsaw 710W, 120mmx120mm, 60m/min, 5.7kg 2107F

Makita Metal Bandsaw 710W, 120mmx120mm, 60m/min, 5.7kg 2107F


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